Cleo is a  4  year old female from German show/working lines , she is good with people of all ages, she  is potty trained , knows her basic obedience. is very respectful to people, very willing to please, is good on a leash. she is strong in mind, she will need a person with a firm hand to correct her when needed, she is good with some dogs, but not all, she has never been around dogs till she came here  about a month ago, so I have worked with her a lot and she is doing well. she is protective and is a good watch dog and will alert, she will need a fence in yard, she is a super sweet girl and  will be good with all people, she wants to be with people all the time.  She is a very calm girl with lower drive, she will be spay before she leaves here, she is for pet only, for more information  please call of visit my site.