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Tip:  Understanding the Canine "tap out."
Dogs sometimes roll over on their backs in an evasive maneuver, referred to as a “tap out”, to avoid certain handling. The term “tap out” comes from wrestling jargon for the flat-handed tap a wrestler might do on the mat to signify he wants to quit the match. In dogs, though it may look like a request for a belly rub, it is really a form of passive resistance, or passive submission, given in response to something that is being done. The maneuver often happens when you’re trying to put on a leash or manipulate a collar, harness or head collar – your dog is trying to turn off your collar-grabbing behavior, for instance. To persist may only drive him to escalate his protest because, from his perspective, his wishes are not being heard. As a result, he may escalate his protest to a growl or even a snap.  ~Laura Garber


German Shepherd Breeders
is the leading German Shepherd web
site dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog and has the largest collection of German Shepherd Breeders in North America
Inside this site you will find German Shepherd Breeders, Trainers, Rescue groups, German Shepherd specialists as well as Puppy and Adult German Shepherds for sale.  Lots of articles on Health, Training, Raising puppies, Breeding and Showing are only a click away.    Support the breeders who work hard to breed this ideal dog,  not the ones who capitalize on others hard work and short change this noble breed by backyard breeding and running puppy mills.  The puppy buyer is the one who has the most influence on this breed.   Support the hard working, knowledgeable good breeders versus the opportunists.   Do your research to find the best breeders in the U.S.  German Shepherd Breeders .com  was established in  March of  2001 by Dyan Merkel of German Shepherds vom Haus Merkel  All proceeds from this site go to
"All Pets Rescues".

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German Shepherd Breeders is the leading German Shepherd website dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog and has the largest collection of German Shepherd Breeders in North America.




























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